Who Are We

We are a Chicago-based web design and development software company catering to forward-thinking brands and businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an effective digital strategy, user-friendly custom web design, and online marketing to help you stand out from the crowd.

What We Do

We are specialist in e-commerce development, web engineering, web design, web content-development, web server. 

Our history

Our experience ranges from working for startups to big corporate clients. The projects that we have implemented range as well from mobile applications to large e-commerce platforms. 

Our 6-D process



We kickstart the project with seeing the actual working process of our client. We then gather all the information which will be refined at a later stage. Seeing the actual pains on first hand is crucial in order to gain the very needed knolwedge in order to be able the address the solution the right way.



After the discovery phase we are able to refine the requirements that we gathered. Based on them we are comming with different scenarios of automation process that the software will deliver. Along the way we make sanity checks with the client in order to ensure that the right direction is taken.



After the requirements are refined & confirmed we are able to proceed with the design of the architecture. This step is crucial in order to ensure that the project will have easy maintainability and upgradabilityif needed. 



When the development phase kicks in we overcome challanges every single day. This is no other motivation as work well done and this is what moves us forward to the goal of delivering a project that fulfill all needs.



The deployment phase consists of getting the application on to a highly available server that will be up & running whenever needed. Along the way we also test for additional bugs that might have slipped through our quality assurance process.



We’re done. You got a solution tailor made for you. What’s left is to leverage the full potential of it which is up to you.

Why choose us?

Picking he most suitable architecture & the most advanced technologies comes with years and years of expertise. 

We’re fully capable of post delivery maintenance of the projects we deliver. This will reduce stress on your side greatly.

Our goal is your goal. Period. By fully immersing in our customers business we’re able to deliver a project that stands out.

Agile, self managed team & development process ensure that your invlovment in to the project will be reduced to minimal and when needed. No pointless meetings and so on.

With more than 10 years of expertise our team is capable of overcoming every single challange along the way.

Would you like to start a project with us?

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